Statement of Faith

We believe the Bible to be the written revelation of God, complete and sufficient in all respects. We believe the Scriptures to be “God-breathed” and therefore fully authoritative in and of themselves; they rely for their authority upon no church, council, or creed, but are authoritative simply because they are the Word of God. The Scriptures, as they embody the very speaking of God, partake of His authority, His power.

We believe in one true and eternal God, unchanging, unchangeable. We believe God is the Creator of all that exists in heaven and in earth. The God who is described in the Bible is unique; He is unlike anyone or anything else in all the universe. God has all power, all knowledge, all wisdom, and is due all glory, honor and praise. All that comes to pass does so at the decree of God. All things will, in the end, result in the glory of God.

We believe the Bible teaches that there is but one being of God, yet there are three Persons who share this one being of God: The Father, the Son, and the Spirit. Each Person is fully and completely God, each is described in Scripture as possessing the attributes of God. The Father, Son, and Spirit have eternally existed in the relationship described by the term “Trinity.”

We believe that man was created in the image of God. Man rebelled against His Creator, and fell into sin. As a result, man became spiritually dead, totally unwilling and indeed incapable of seeking after God. God, from eternity past, having foreordained all things, joined a certain people to Christ Jesus, so that He might redeem them from their sin and in so doing bring glory to Himself. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died in the place of this elect people, providing full and complete forgiveness of sins by His death upon the cross of Calvary. On the third day after his death on the cross, Jesus was resurrected proving that He had conquered sin and death. He appeared to and interacted with His Apostles and around 500 other witnesses. 40 days later Jesus ascended to Heaven as testified to by His Apostles. No other work can provide for forgiveness of sins, and no addition can be made to the completed and finished work of Christ.

We believe that God, in His sovereign grace and mercy, regenerates sinful men by the power of the Holy Spirit, not by any action of their own, bringing them to new life. God grants to them the gifts of faith and repentance, which they then exercise by believing in Christ and turning from their sins in love for God. As a result of this faith, based upon the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ, God justifies or makes righteous the one who believes. God’s gift of faith, and the continuing work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the elect, results in good works. These good works flow from true, saving faith; they are a necessary result of faith, but are not to be considered necessary to the gaining of justification, which is by God’s grace through faith alone, so that no man can boast.

We believe Jesus Christ established His Church, which is made up of all the elect of God. His Church, as an obedient bride, listens to His Word as found in the Bible. All who believe in Christ are placed in His body, the Church. The local expressions of the Church are very important, and each believer should be actively involved in such a fellowship.

We believe that Christ is coming again to judge the living and the dead. This promise is found throughout the inspired Scriptures. Till His return, believers are to live lives that bring glory to God through Jesus Christ. The Church is to be busy doing the work of evangelism and discipleship, proclaiming the pure, uncompromised Gospel of Christ by teaching the Word of God.

Our Mission, the 4-G

1. For the Glory of God
2. For the Gospel of Jesus Christ to go out
3. For the Spiritual Growth of God’s people
4. For the Giving of self because of the Grace we’ve been given

The image on this page is a picture of a Bible that was recovered from the ruins of the World Trade Center that was brought down by terrorists on September 11th 2001. That day changed my life, as two days later on September 13th 2001, I came to know Jesus Christ as my LORD and my SAVIOR.

The “9/11 Bible” was miraculously was preserved and infused into a piece of iron from the ruins of the Trade Center. What is even more amazing is the scripture the Bible was opened to the Gospel of Luke, chapter 6 where Jesus commands His disciples to love their enemies and bless those who curse you, to be merciful to those who have wronged you, because God has been merciful to us though we have wronged Him. In the days following 9/11, America did not heed this word from God, but instead we retaliated and thousands more have died as a result. Terrorism has not gone away, but continues to grow. I wonder what would have happened if we had listened to the Lord and blessed our enemies instead of trying to destroy them.

The fact that this Bible was found fused into metal and opened to this page is more evidence of the providence of God and that He is speaking to us even today through His Holy Word. This image therefore, illustrates my mission with this ministry. That is by God’s grace, to fuse the word of God into my heart, and then into the hearts of others that His truth would be preserved and proclaimed despite what culture says.